Wife, Data & Communications in Cardiff

Wifi Support

  • Local Area Network Services
  • Data cabling Services
  • Design and installation of a structured cabling system for your business
  • Gives you a future-proofed network infrastructure to connect people and devices to each other and to the internet.

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Data Networks

  • Wi-Fi Network design and Installation
  • Design and installation of WiFi networks to give you wireless coverage thoughout your premises
  • Gives you a secure professional guest Wi-Fi logins
  • Working with some of the worlds best brands, authenticates who or what logs onto your network and what they can do once logged in.

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Data Solutions Consultancy

  • Using our years of supplying telecoms and data solutions, we offer
    a free initial consultation about how your networks can be improved
  • Detailed design and project management of installation of telecoms and data network solutions using state of the art tools
  • A free survey of how-well your networks are performing.

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